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Photos and Reviews


"Thank you so much for everything you have and continue to do for us.  I'm already getting emotional at knowing my daughter will actually sit with us at Thanksgiving dinner and participate in eating the food we will eat.  Two years ago we were given a three hour pass with NG tube in and tape across her face to bring her home to be with us as a family.  It was one of the most stressful times in our lives and now I can look back and say it was totally worth it.  Thank you so much for everything you do.  You have given our family so much!!!"

"The communication between the therapists and the parents is awesome. The entire staff is wonderful and very inviting. My son is excited to attend therapy & I love how the therapists are excited to work w/him! Great job Keystone!"

"You are playing and working very well with my son - I am seeing improvements in my son already."


"I am so impressed with the time that Jaclyn spends with my son. She works so hard with him and thoroughly discusses his sessions with me."

“Our experience with Mrs. Kathy was exciting. We started with her when our son was 2 year and 2 months. From the beginning there were simple words he couldn’t and wouldn't say like "yes" and after the first session he was saying "yes" instead of making a grunt noise. After each session, our son became more and more verbal with great pronunciation for a 2 year old. Mrs. Kathy gave us flash cards to take home and work on; it was exciting to see him say words I had tried to help him verbalize. Once our sessions were over, he wouldn't stop talking and I loved hearing his non-stop talking!”


"My son is improving so much on both his speech and physical skills. Both Ms Jaclyn and Ms Kelly are great teachers and are very patient with him."


"Finding Keystone has been such a gift to our family. My son has found confidence in communicating and with his body. The loving professionals at Keystone will always hold a special place in our hearts."

“You were able to reach her and encourage her to try things that no one has been able to do.  To this day, if she's the least bit resistant to trying a new food, all we have to say is Miss Kathy would want you to try it and she'll gobble it up.  You've left quite an impression on our daughter, and we are extremely grateful for your help.  Thank you for doing what you do!

"We appreciate the feedback after each session. Goals are clearly identified. The staff is warm and friendly."

"Your staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I've been very impressed with the level of education and training your therapists demonstrate."


"Ms. Kathy has changed my daughters life. Her therapy is nothing short of miraculous!"

“I have noticed such a huge change in our son’s communication since he started working with Kathy. Her dedication to the kids she works with is so clear. I have no doubt that each session she has with my son she is giving 100% to help him overcome his speech obstacles. Kathy is great at communication with me on what they do in each session and how I can help him at home with improving his speech. Kathy is great!”

"We adore Miss Jaclyn and truly appreciate her care and love of our daughter! She has helped her gain much headway in her speech development... More importantly, she makes speech FUN and our daughter can't wait to see her each week!"


"Julie understands that my daughter's developmental journey is a marathon and not a sprint. She is extremely kind and patient. There are always words of encouragement when she updates me regarding progresses made."


"My daughter's intelligibility has improved. She is working both on her speech and phonetic sounds... I also like the way her progress is tracked."

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